Coral Princess Debuts With Unique Propulsion System

Coral Princess' propulsion system is the first in the cruise industry to fully utilize a new development of the diesel engine known as an EnviroEngine, as well as the first in the Princess fleet to incorporate gas turbine power generation. This innovative combination uses technology proven to be both highly efficient and environmentally sound, and, in a unique design development where the gas turbine is installed in the ship funnel, provides additional space for a wider range of public rooms and onboard facilities. Coral Princess is powered by one gas turbine that operates in conjunction with two diesel EnviroEngines.

The turbine replaces at least two diesel engines and by using two separate power systems, this unique oneof- a-kind configuration is designed to create a reliable and safe energy source.

Described as the most environmentally friendly and economical way of using fossil fuel for power production, the EnviroEngines, manufactured by Wartsila, were developed in close cooperation with P&O Princess Cruises.

Representing state-of-the-art diesel engine technology, EnviroEngines employ common rail fuel injection technology that results in smokeless operation, producing a clear engine exhaust and direct water injection to reduce NOx.

Princess is also the first cruise line to install a gas turbine in its ships' funnel; a positioning that creates a technological challenge never before undertaken. This unique placement frees up significant additional passenger space — used to incorporate more public features into the ship's design. As a result, Coral Princess passengers will enjoy the benefits of two lower decks dedicated to public amenities where most other ships offer only one.

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