MHI Develops New Low-Speed Diesel; First Unit Destined For VLCC

destined vlcc

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., has completed a new, largebore, low-speed marine diesel engine type UEC85LSII, which has a 850-mm cylinder bore and 3,150 mm piston stroke. Mitsubishi has developed the UEC85LSII, a high-efficiency engine, emphasizing reliability by integrating Mitsubishi's advanced technologies.

The first UEC85LSII type engine is the six-cylinder 6UEC85LSII, with an output of 31,500 hp, for installation in a 250,000-dwt very large crude carrier (VLCC) being built by Mitsubishi's Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works in Japan. A completion and introduction ceremony was recently held at the shipyard with approximately 300 international attendees. The power output of the UEC85LSII ranges from 26,250 hp in a 5-cylinder model to 63,000 hp in a 12-cylinder model with a 5,250 hp per cylinder. The users are able to select the desirable number of cylinders based on their power needs.

Mitsubishi is now developing a new small-bore, low-speed marine diesel engine type UEC33LSII, with a power output range from 2,930 hp in a four-cylinder model to 5,870 hp in an 8-cylinder model. The first UEC33LSII type engine will be completed in the spring of 1992. The UEC33LSII, which is suitable for small size cargo ships and small size tankers, will have a 330-mm cylinder bore and 1,050-mm piston stroke. The UEC33LSII will be the successor of the UEC37LA, which is Mitsubishi's best selling small-bore, low-speed marine diesel engine. In the development of the engine, most of the emphasis will be on enabling easier maintenance and providing greater reliability by incorporating Mitsubishi's advanced technology. For free l i t e r a t u r e detailing MHI's new long-stroke, low-speed diesel,

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