Dockside Signs Contract With M.A.N./B&W Service — Rennie Joins Staff

Dockside Machine & Ship Repair recently announced its signing of a contract with M.A.N./B&W Service GmbH of Ausburg, Germany. Dockside is under contract to act as a manufacturers approved service/repair shop which is part of the worldwide service organization of M.A.N./B&W Diesel.

Consumation of the contract took place at Dockside's Wilmington, Calif., offices with the company's vice president, Robert Strachan, and Wolfgang Knoerle of American M.A.N. Corporation signing the contract.

The company also announced that Alan Rennie has joined the engineering staff at Dockside. Mr. Rennie served his apprenticeship in marine engineering in Scotland, maintains a chief engineer's license and has considerable experience in marine diesel power plants.

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